The Drop: A Roundup Of September's Best Sneaker Releases

Lo and behold our favourite heaters from the month of September—brought to you by The Weekly Drop's Newsletter Guy, presented by eBay Australia.

The sneaker game can be cruel. So many fire releases, but so few pairs to go around. But, when you’ve taken yet another inevitable L on the raffles and launches, there’s always eBay. The eBay Authenticity Guarantee means you can cop with confidence on the OG marketplace, with experts inspecting your purchase to get fakes out of the paint. Thanks to eBay Australia, here are four of September’s best releases, as determined by The Weekly Drop’s Newsletter Guy.

J. Balvin x Air Jordan 3

I remember a couple years back I heard Joe Grondin Da Gawd on the Complex Sneakers Podcast. If you’re not familiar with Grondino, Google him later, but right now let me get to the point here. He confessed that, as a staff member at a big brand (New Balance) and someone who was heavily involved in collabs—the sneakers that break through and generate that all-important ‘brand energy’ (i.e., attention)—he used a sneaker’s resale price as a success metric. The higher the price, the more desirable the sneaker, the better job he did pairing the right collaborator with the right sneaker at the right time. 

I say that to say this. Interest rates, inflation, wars in faraway countries, all these things are conspiring to soften the resale prices of sneakers. But, at a time when even Jordan 1s are no longer earning much more than a $30 profit, against all odds, these J. Balvin joints have smashed it. The resale on these is more than double retail. Either sneakers are bouncing back, or J. Balvin is leading a global economic recovery. Whatever it is, I support this movement. 2024 will be the year sneakers come back, rents come down and they make another Training Day movie. It’s gonna be awesome. Thanks, J. Balvin.

If you’ve got the bread, the resellers have the Balvins. Find your pair now on eBay.

Air Jordan 4 ‘Red/Cement’

It’s really important that you understand one little thing about you and I. This weird product-focused parasocial relationship of sorts that we’re enjoying. Sometimes I don’t particularly like a shoe, but that doesn’t mean you also have to dislike it. We’re all here with our own lifetime of experiences which, in turn, inform the way we see the world, nahmean. On some real Aldous Huxley isht. We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we don’t love. And, in saying that, I can safely say I will never completely know these Red/Cement Jordan IVs.

The important thing to understand, though, is that these sold through at retail with the quickness. A lot of people are feeling the AJ4 in Red/Cement. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

If you missed out on a pair at retail, there are a bunch on eBay waiting for you. Hit the site now to take a look.

Air Force 1 ‘Terror Squad’

The cultural value of these sneakers is sky-high. Priceless, maybe. If I ever see someone wearing these in the street, I can promise that I, as an Old Rap Dude, will chase that person down and talk to them. Wearing this sneaker tells me that you know. You understand the cultural significance of the Terror Squad Air Force 1. That’s big. I’ll chase you down and be like, what’s up. Or, if I’m with my kids or something and can’t do that, I’ll give you a firm, respectful nod that says like, what’s up. Nice shoes. Sorry I can’t talk more right now but I wish I could. Have a nice day.

If you’ve got this far and somehow don’t know the significance of the shoe? Well, I would suggest doing a little research before you cop, or risk being subjected to the bewilderment of one (or potentially several) Old Rap Dudes who just want to talk.

The resale on these is surprisingly reasonable. Do a little research, then find your size on eBay.

Shrek Crocs

Sometimes you’ve just gotta be like, f*ck it, Shrek Crocs. You know the feeling. Hungover? F*ck it, Shrek Crocs. Accidentally slept in, then realised it’s too late to go to work so you just call in sick, and now you’ve got the freedom of a day off but you can’t enjoy it because you mainly just feel guilty? F*ck it, Shrek Crocs. Depressed because you’ve realised you only get validation from your contributions to a capitalist system and not from your personal interests and hobbies? And also because the same society pressures you to turn personal interests and hobbies into ‘side hustles’ so that they can also contribute to a capitalist society and no longer be an individual immersive escape? F*ck it, Shrek Crocs. Actually yea, I’m gonna need a pair too.

Sold out at retail, but pairs are available now on eBay.

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