Extra Butter's 'Happy Gilmore' Adidas Collaboration Is Releasing Soon

New York-based retailer Extra Butter celebrates the 25th anniversary of 'Happy Gilmore' with a new Adidas collaboration. Click for release details.

Extra Butter x Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 'Happy Gilmore'
Image via Extra Butter
Extra Butter x Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 'Happy Gilmore'

With a long history of movie-themed sneaker collaborations, New York-based retailer Extra Butter returns with a fresh take on the Adidas Ultra Boost, inspired by the 25th Anniversary of Happy Gilmore.

In the film, Adam Sandler’s character finds himself in opposition of Shooter McGavin, a pro golfer who disapproves of Happy’s lack of traditional golf etiquette on the course. In an effort to win enough money to pay off his grandmother’s debt to the IRS, Happy takes Shooter on in the Tour Championship, which also rewards the winner with a gold jacket. That very jacket serves as the base concept for Extra Butter’s Ultra Boost.

The runner also features a contrasting white cage, Shooter’s gun taunt depicted on the toe and branded insoles. In addition to custom packaging, the shoes appear to be part of a capsule that includes matching apparel.

A release date for the “Happy Gilmore” Ultra Boost hasn’t been announced, but anticipate an official reveal in the weeks ahead and an update here at Sole Collector.

UPDATE (06/17): It turns out that the Extra Butter x Adidas “Happy Gilmore” collab is more expansive than originally expected. Today, the collaborators have unveiled the full collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic film, which includes a special iteration of the Ultraboost 1.0, the ZG21 spiked golf shoe, the Adilette Boost slides, and a range of apparel pieces.

“25 years ago, a fictional character named Happy Gilmore broke the mold on what it meant to be a golfer, and we wanted to celebrate that with a unique collaboration and collection,” said Extra Butter co-founder and CEO, Ankur Amin. “Golf is growing exponentially amongst every demographic. Golfers today are more diverse and the game is more inclusive than ever before. Golf is getting younger and breaking away from its “dad’s game” reputation as youth culture starts to embrace the sport. We wanted to be a part of this shift, bring our style to the sport and have fun with this project.”

The entire Extra Butter x Adidas “Happy Gilmore” is releasing exclusively at eExtrabutterny.com and at Extra Butter stores starting on Friday, June 25.

Extra Butter x Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 'Happy Gilmore'
Extra Butter x Adidas ZG21 'Happy Gilmore'
Extra Butter x Adidas Adilette Boost Slide 'Happy Gilmore'