PROMO: L.A. Natives Vince Staples, Spanto and Jordan Clarkson on Why Chuck Taylors are the Best in the West

We didn’t come here. We were born here.

Plenty of people come to L.A. to pursue their dreams. But some of the city’s biggest dreamers are those who were born and raised in the city—not the transplants, but the homegrowns, who helped define and redefine the city’s underground hip-hop culture.

There is no sneaker that has been a cornerstone of West Coast hip-hop fashion like the Converse Chuck Taylor. In the newest installment of the Forever Chuck video series, directed by award-winning director Karim Huu Do, Long Beach native Vince Staples talks to another pair of native Angelenos—the Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson and graffiti artist/cancer survivor/BornxRaised founder Spanto—about why Chucks have been such a deeply embedded part of L.A.’s hip-hop culture, particularly for the city’s youth.

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