7 Canadian Style Influencers on the Best Sneakers of 2020 (So Far)

Canada's biggest sneakerheads—from Anna Bediones to Matt Mogul—weigh in on COVID-19's impact on the fashion industry, and pick their top sneakers of the year.

mgd sneakerheads best of the year

Image via Illustrator/Kagan McLeod

mgd sneakerheads best of the year

Ah, 2020. The year that will forever be remembered as the juncture at which the world got flipped, turned upside down, leaving nearly every facet of our lives looking drastically different than it did last year.

In a weird way, the fashion and sneaker world is one of the few things making this shit show of a year feel somewhat normal. The Sneaker Industrial Complex has more or less remained unfazed during all of this. Not even the coronavirus pandemic can stop the urge to flex one’s footwear and dress for an unforgettable night—even if we can’t go anywhere. We might not have many places to venture to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t express our unique personalities through some fresh kicks and dress for the night (or, you know, the living room).

Connecting the dots between nightlife, culture, and design is at the core of Miller Genuine Draft (MGD). Over the last few years, MGD has been on a mission to explore the exciting impact of customization on nightlife culture and the people that live and play within it. This has come to life through Miller Design Lab—an innovative platform in partnership with streetwear fashion icon Jeff Staple. Most recently, it brought Jeff Staple and Canadian sneaker customizer Jack the Ripper together to create four one-of-a-kind sneakers inspired by Canada’s rich nightlife culture—check them out on MGD Canada’s Instagram page.

To see how things are going on the homefront, we caught up with seven of MGD’s Toronto- and Montreal-based style and nightlife influencers, all of whom shared their takes on how the pandemic has affected the fashion industry, and their picks for best sneaker drop of the year (so far).

David Forteau

dvid forteau best sneakers of 2020

Anna Bediones

anna bediones

Brandon Fenton

brandon fenton





Matt Mogul

matt mogul

Lary Kidd

lary kidd