This interview with Wozniak originally ran in October 2016. According to Matt Fortuna at the Athletic, Wozniak passed in January 2020 after battling colon cancer. He was 69 years old.

May 5, 1992. Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals. Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls had split the past four games with the New York Knicks. Jordan would go on to score 37 points that evening and eventually lead his team over the Portland Trail Blazers to capture his second Larry O’Brien Trophy. But as he was getting ready to enter Chicago Stadium on that night in May, a photo was captured by Sports Illustrated that would help build Jordan’s legacy as a superstar off the court.

Jordan—wearing a white shirt and tie, black sunglasses, grey trousers, loafers, and holding his suit jacket—had arrived outside of Chicago Stadium in his black Ferrari 512 TR. His North Carolina license plate read “M Air J,” and he was surrounded by five guards wearing bright yellow jackets with “security” emblazoned on the back. Jordan would soon establish himself as the best basketball player ever, and this moment would give the public a peek into the over-the-top lifestyle of His Airness.

The security guard on the left of the photo with salt-and-pepper hair is John Michael Wozniak, who was working for the Chicago Police Department in the Narcotics division at the time. Wozniak, who many became acquainted with through his appearances in ESPN's The Last Dance docuseries this year, remained close to the Jordan family.

Complex had the chance to talk to Wozniak about this photograph and his time working with Jordan. Jordan Brand is releasing a collection on MJ’s career that includes gold Air Jordan VIs, silver Air Jordan 1 Lows, and replicas of the jackets worn by Wozniak and his crew. The collection will be released this Saturday, Oct. 22. But first, get acquainted with the true story behind the gear and the iconic photo that inspired it.