Bulgarian designer Kiko Kostadinov's recent Asics collaborations may have quietly flown under the radar due to his selection of unconventional silhouettes, but his next sneaker project with the brand may catch the attention of many more sneaker enthusiasts when it debuts next year.

In a recent interview by Highsnobiety writer Chris Danforth, Kostadinov confirmed that he is working on his version of the popular Gel-Lyte 3 and reimagining it with his own unique style for the shoe’s anniversary in 2020. “You won’t really recognize it,” Kostadinov says. “It’s a really intense hybrid, which will be fun. It’s our take on them, but that’s for a special release for the anniversary and it’s a completely different thing.”

Kostadinov goes on to explain that his previous pairing of unique Asics models like the GEL-Burz or GEL-Sokat Infinity with the garments during his runway shows are selected to complement the overall aesthetics of the collections. “It’s always the show,” the designer emphasizes while next to Deanna and Laura Fanning—the two Australian sisters that work on his womenswear collections. “It’s always about how the shoe can work with the show. So that’s how it all relates, because they need to work with the collection.”

Since starting his eponymous fashion label in 2016, the 28-year-old designer has formed an ongoing partnership with the Japanese footwear brand including recently releasing four iterations of the Gel-Korika earlier this month with two multicolored styles for the ladies, and tonal black and silver for men.

Readers who are interested can check out the entire interview from Highsnobiety here.

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