Sneakers are often compared to pieces of art, and none more so than the Air Jordans designed by Tinker Hatfield for the greatest player ever, Michael Jordan. John Geiger, who's also known for turning sneakers into wearable "art," took this idea to another level and deconstructed and distressed a pair of a pair of ''88" Air Jordan IIIs, dipped them in bronze, and suspended them in lucite with the help of Doug Schwartz from DetroitWick.

The art, which weighs roughly 80 lbs., is a one-of-one piece and is a preview of what Geiger and Schwartz will present at Art Basel this year. They've also let on that this "sneaker" could be worth in upwards of $10,000.

We were given the artwork at the Complex office and are able to show a first look at what Geiger and Schwartz are working on in the future. Who wouldn't want this as a centerpiece to their apartment? Just look at that Nike Air on the back of the shoe.