Miami Heats' Chris Bosh is known for rotating a mean selection of performance basketball kicks on the court, but don't sleep on his off-court sneaker game.

During his downtime with blood clot-related issues, Bosh decided to take to his website and pen a blog about how to start a sneaker collection. We're going to go ahead and assume that our readers don't need much help there, but the post did contain some insight on Bosh's favorites.

"My all-time favorite pair of shoes has to be the black and red Air Jordan XIs," Bosh wrote. "I wanted a pair so bad when I was a kid. Anything Jordan touched was gold, and those were the first official shoes he wore after coming out of retirement for a whole season. People went crazy! I know I did."

He adds that the "Away" colorway of the Air Penny 2 is another one of his favorites, although Bosh admits that he's having some trouble tracking them down.

Don't get it twisted though, Bosh says he's not the type of collector who stockpiles boxes of unworn kicks in his closet. "I feel like they have a purpose, a cool look and comfortable feel, so I might as well enjoy them," he wrote, and we couldn't agree more.