Former NBA standout Tracy McGrady has come a long, long way since his days of rocking oversized suits on national television, but not even an updated wardrobe was able to save T-Mac from social media trolls.

McGrady recently shared a picture of he and his wife at an outing, and on his feet were the adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts. Apparently, one fan thought it would be funny to clown the Yeezys and asked McGrady if he was wearing snow boots, as spotted by Black Sports Online. Without missing a beat, T-Mac fired back with "Nah... It's boots you can't get!"

LMAO, who knew McGrady could throw shade just as well as he threw down dunks in his heyday? Since the reply, dozens of other followers have tired to bait McGrady into responding, but it looks like he's already said his piece here.