There are few people with as big of a sneaker collection as Mayor, the Bronx-born footwear aficionado who estimates his personal stash to have a worth north of $750,000. He's been compiling his shoe pile for more than 30 years, and his basement has become something of legend. Mayor is also something who has a lot to say about sneakers and the people associated with them.

On an episode of The Sit Down with The Don Drew last night, Mayor told all, or the most we've ever heard from him. He touched on spending thousands for shoes, what he does for a living, and those Undefeated x Air Jordan IVs, which are worth roughly $25,000, that he recently disrespected.

The complete episode can be watched here, but if you want the golden nuggets, here are 10 Things We Learned About Mayor, the Man With the $750,000 Sneaker Collection.

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