One of the Biggest Sneaker Collectors Disrespected a $25,000 Pair of Air Jordans

You won't believe what Mayor did to one of the rarest Air Jordans of all time.

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Every sneakerhead wishes they could gain access to Mayor's sneaker room, but this is probably as close as you're going to come.

Sneaker Watch recently paid a visit to the man himself and got an inside look at one of the craziest collections in existence. The entire clip is loaded with rarities and exclusives, but the shocking part is what Mayor did to his Undefeated x Air Jordan IVs, which have a current market value of $25,000.

For those wondering why this sneaker fetches such high resale prices, it's because it was Jordan Brand's first collaboration, of which only 72 pairs were produced.

Mayor proceeds to remind 'heads what it's all about: wearing your sneakers. He flips them over to show the wear and tear on the sole, then bends the entire toe box forward, causing some deep creases that will likely reappear in several hypebeasts' nightmares.