Since its return in 2014, the Diadora N.9000 has seen a number of outstanding collaborations, but the latest from Spain's LimitEDitions gets the honors for the quirkiest of them all.

The inspiration for this project comes from the practice of building castells, which are human towers that are a huge part of Spanish history. In fact, the fascination is so serious that it could be compared to a sport — there are even groups in charge of organizing towers and preserving the tradition. 

Historically, castellers wear lots of turquoise, white, black, and red, which is quite clearly the inspiration for these N.9000s. The toe takes on a turquoise mesh and wolverine suede, while the bulk of the upper is composed of a black kangaroo leather. Towards the heel, a red polka-dot pattern lies under white leather which actually features an embroidered graphic of, you guessed it, a human tower. 

Sneaker Freaker has confirmed a release date for this month, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear more about these.