You don’t have to be a sneaker professional to know that Nike’s Flyknits always race off the shelves in their multicolored colorways. So, why would Nike ever stop making them? Well, they haven’t.

The latest pair of multicolored Nike Flyknit Free Trainers has popped up, and they are bright. A mostly green upper is tempered by yellow, blue, and pink weave. The pink is echoed through the Flywires, while black is used for the branding, laces, and mudguard that fades to white on the heel. The sole is white.

This pair has only shown up in a Vietnamese online store so far – which is to say nothing about the veracity of the shoes. But, because of the way Flyknit is made, it’s incredibly difficult to fake, especially in the complex designs that are signature to Nike. We’ve seen the zig zag weave in the Flyknit’s upper before, so it’s probably pretty safe to trust this pair.

No word on a release outside of Vietnam as of this time.