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Last year, the menswear world collectively shit its pants when Y-3 showed off the murdered-out Y-3 Qasa High, an absolutely incredible piece of both shoe engineering and insanely stupid dope color selection. And just like that, Qasas become one of the most coveted sneakers of 2014. Y-3 isn't about to slow down either. Nah, it's bringing back the all black joints for F/W '15 because who can deny a shoe that is guaranteed to sell out within days of release? But it's also changing the game with a new all navy and black/orange pair. Maybe my rods and cones are fucked from staring at the timeline all day, but those look black and red to me. Let me know if I'm becoming colorblind or not. Anyway, I will always associate black and bright red as an emo/hot Topic colorway fit for the likes of My Chemical Romance. Can you imagine those sad nerds performing in their weird zombie drum major kits and black/red Qasas? Swag icons. Let's be real for a second, I think you could put almost any color on the Qasa and it would work. But good fucking god the blues are on another level. These aren't out yet, but we'll let you know when they drop. Start saving...NOW.