When Tinker Hatfield revealed to a live crowd at Agenda Emerge last week that Marty McFly's infamous Nike Mag would be releasing this year with power laces, he caught everyone's attention. And we're not just talking about the members in the crowd or a small subset of sneakerheads, either.

From baby boomers who actually watched Back to the Future Part II in theaters to tech geeks intrigued with the power lacing capabilities, everyone cared when Hatfield revealed that the Nike Mags would actually be releasing. The news spread like wildfire across the Internet and social media.

It was so epic that even Agenda Emerge Co-Founder Mark Sperling was taken aback by the overwhelming response and buzz that the announcement had generated.

"All of us from Agenda Emerge–Group Y and Agenda Show—are still completely blown away by the viral response that has happened," Sperling told Nice Kicks in a recent interview. "When I woke up the morning after Emerge, my phone was buzzing from all the media alerts that were posted."

The news of the Nike Mag's 2015 release made it beyond sneaker media and was covered by the likes of USA Today, LA Times, and Rolling Stone. It even hit the front page of Mashable.

"Guess it shows that the general public has been waiting for the Mag to become a reality since the movie came out."

If this coverage is indicative of the pandemonium that will ensue when the Mags release later this year, sneakerheads might as well throw in the towel now.

[via Nice Kicks]