If you live anywhere other than a tropical island or in a desert — shout out to our readers in Arizona and New Mexico — then you're going to need durable footwear for days when the weather chooses not to cooperate with your plans. You could grab a sneakerboot, but you run the risk of wearing something bulky and awkward. And as a sneakerhead, it's a hard decision to trade in your kicks for more serious, weather-ready footwear. 

That's where sneakers that can stand up to the elements come in handy. Whether done up in Gore-Tex, lined with water-resistant fabrics, or just an all-around shit-kicking sneaker, there are options that can be worn when it rains, is cold, or is, simply, winter. To find something that's ready for whatever you throw at it, check out 10 Awesome Sneakers to Wear in Awful Weather.