Legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield just hooked up the founder of the ShoeZeum, an epic sneaker museum that holds the Guinness World Record for the "Largest Collection of Sneakers."

Jordan Geller recently took to his Twitter today and shared a photo of "Playoff" XIs that were customized by Hatfield for his wedding, which appropriately took place on 11/11.

We talked to Geller, and he said, "Natalie and I got married on 11/11. I asked Tinker if he would customize two pairs of 11s for us and he said yes. Then I sent him a detailed email about Natty." 

Hatfield, the designer of the model, put his own signature mark along the shiny patent leather with intricate hand-drawn details. Both pairs of sneakers are filled with imagery that represents the couple, including a graphic of a turtle and Minnie Mouse. There are also personal touches that signifies where Geller met his wife, Natalie, which was at Zappos in Las Vegas.

Yep, Natalie won.

Tinker Hatfield customized two pairs of 11s for our 11/11 wedding!! pic.twitter.com/dyzE2D9Lie

— shoezeum (@shoezeum) November 13, 2014

For Natty. From Jordy and Tinker. pic.twitter.com/Nawrp0oxTC

— shoezeum (@shoezeum) November 13, 2014

Natalie loves Disney so Tinker drew Minnie Mouse! pic.twitter.com/k9OtOBzlNZ

— shoezeum (@shoezeum) November 13, 2014

Natalie loves turtles. She's allergic to nuts but she married the biggest nut of them all. We met in Vegas at Zappos. pic.twitter.com/aZMZnLWXSD

— shoezeum (@shoezeum) November 13, 2014

[via @shoezeum]