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Last year, Berlin sneaker boutique Overkill made an interesting decision: It decided to work with KangaROOS on the Coil R1, and the result was a collab titled the "Abyss." The retro runner, which featured a stripe reminiscent of a varsity jacket, not only put us up on Overkill, but also KangaROOS, which was new to the collaboration scene.

As 2014 has gone on, there have been a few more projects from KangaROOS, including very high-quality Coil R1s that were made in the German town of Pirmasens, a small town near the border of France with a rich shoe-making history — which ROOS has helped revive through special projects and a made in Germany line. This not only has given customers premium options from the athletic brand, but it's also given work to the craftsmen who have seen their jobs outsourced in the past.

And now, Overkill has been given another chance to work with the brand, and this time it's on the German-made version of the Coil R1. The shop put together a "Grape Pack," and it includes two different colorways of the model.

To get a better understanding of this project, we talked to Overkill co-CEO Marc Leuschner about the sneakers, and this is what he had to say. Here's Everything You Need to Know About Overkill and KangaROOS' "Grape Pack."