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Ray Rice. Michael Vick. Lance Armstong. Oscar Pistorius.

What do all these athletes have in common? They've all been dropped by Nike, of course. However, in the case of Pistorius, what took so long? The Swoosh did not officially drop the South African track star from its roster of talent until today, roughly 82 weeks after he shot and killed his girlfriend. Up until today, Pistorius had been merely suspended by Nike, a stance that the company stood firmly by since February of 2013.

Of course, there is the innocent until proven guilty defense. Pistorius was just found guilty of negligent homicide on Friday meaning nothing was "official." However, a look back at the actions of some of their previously dropped athletes and the Swoosh's swift response makes you wonder why they stood by Pistorius for so long. Regardless, Pistorius is a Nike athlete no more, joining the ranks of troubled stars before him.


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