Germany just won the World Cup, and one of its sneaker boutiques might have grasped the title of "Coolest Sneaker Boutique in the World."

Gentlemen and Ladies, the sneaker store of the future is here. Solebox has just opened a new store in Berlin and it looks like we’ve achieved The Singularity.

The new store features deceptively simple design, with riveted walls for a fully customizable shelving system. The stockroom is behind glass, using rolling shelves, so you never have to wonder what happened to the sales associate that was helping you. The rest of the space is completely open, with a white and grey concrete color scheme.

Solebox didn’t throw out all the bells and whistles. In fact, there’s still one, and it’s pretty big. The “Solebot” is a fully articulated machine arm, behind glass, that will get you whatever shoe you’re looking for. That’s right: robots are taking our jobs. And it’s only 2014. Terminators aren’t supposed to show up until 2029. (If you want to see the Solebot in action, check out the video they posted on Instagram below.)

The only thing left to focus on is product and people: the only two elements that matter in any store. Time to cry to beasty tears that your local store just can’t be this cool.

[via Solebox]

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