Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat are coming off a tough loss in the Finals where they were utterly dismantled by the Spurs. The Heat are in an interesting situation now, as LeBron opted out of his contract with D-Wade and Bosh expected to follow suit, leaving questions for the future of the Big Three. The standout game of the Finals was of course game 1 otherwise known as the "cramp game" where LeBron had to be carried off the floor in the finals minutes of the game and failed to return. Could Li-Ning be using the "cramp game" as inspiration for the latest Way of Wade 2 colorway? Doubt it, but it's always fun to speculate.

Li-Ning debuted the Way of Wade 2 "Wadeorade" today, featuring an orange patent leather upper, with a grey camo midsole and a green inner lining. Wade his been a member of the Gatorade family since 2005, so it's no surprise that they're rolling out a colorway inspired by the popular drink brand. It is however somewhat coincidental that a colorway pops up shortly after Gatorade threw shots at LeBron for not drinking their product, thus leading to his cramping incident.

No matter what you want to believe or buy into, these are one of the cleanest Way of Wade 2 colorways to date. Keep it locked for future information and release dates as they surface.


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