Collaborated With: New Balance, Vans
What They're Known For: Vintage-inspired workwear that's taken up a notch with quality fabrics, great construction, and more pockets than any man will ever need.

If #menswear bros are talking about "jawnz," then there's a high likelihood that Engineered Garments is part of the discussion. Designed by Daiki Suzuki, EG is a Japanese brand that borrows from American workwear and menswear motifs (chore coats, blazers, chambrays, etc.) and changes them through minor details related to fit and the materials used. For its sneaker collaborations, EG has the same idea in mind. Its two lone collabs have been with New Balance and Vans, and what makes them noticeable is the application of mismatch materials—a wabi-sabi vibe Suzuki first tried with benchmade shoes by Tricker's. With New Balance, EG took the 993 and used different shades of suede on the right and left sneakers. And the Vans it designed didn't fall far from that design ethos, either. The label took the Slip-On and gave one foot a smooth leather finish, while the other foot sported a nappy suede. These are the ideas and concepts that make high-fashion/sneaker collaborations flourish.