Garbstore likes to turn things out - literally. The U.K. shop's first collaboration with Reebok, in 2013, ventured into the insides of the brand's most tried-and-true silhouettes and flipped them inside-out, making the stitching and lining apparent to the outside world. In 2014, Garbstore's work with Reebok wasn't as drastic but was still able to interpret Reebok's designs in a way that goes beyond mocking up color schemes.

Even though Garbstore worked on a fairly simple sneaker, the Sole-Trainer, it gave it depth through different color and material panels, and the kicker: The Garbstore-specific tag on the tongue. It's hard to hate on a runner with a mesh toe, suede upper, and speckled midsole, but Garbstore, with its expertise in menswear, was about take the the Sole-Trainer beyond the average sneaker boutique releasing a sneaker that, vaguely, relates to its store. Garbstore took a theme that few shops would venture into, '70s television, and ran with it, even if others weren't on the same page - yet.