Remember the story of Michael Jordan's "Flu Game" Air Jordan XIIs that were given to a Utah Jazz ball boy back in 1997? Well, the Grey Flannel auction for those game-worn and signed sneakers took place earlier today, as they went for a whopping $104,765, breaking the record for the price of any game-worn shoe sale. The next highest recorded transaction was another pair of Jordans that previously went for $31,070.

As the auction bidding began at $5,000, the former Jazz ball boy, Preston Truman, thinks that his picture with MJ from that night back in 1997 helped drive the price of the shoe.

"I think my photo that Jordan's bodyguard took with me standing there drove up the price because buyers didn't have to worry if they were real," Truman told

These aren't even the only game-worn Jordans that Truman has, though. Preston also has a pair from the 1998 NBA Finals, although seemingly quite less iconic than the Flu Game kicks.

[via Sole Collector]

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