With several collaborative sneakers already under his belt, it looks like Stash is gearing up to drop yet another Reebok gem. This time around, it is the iconic Reebok Question model that has been selected to serve as the base for this potentially upcoming release. In typical Stash fashion, this pair of kicks is fully equipped with the highly recognizable palette of tonal blues. 

Launching this pair of kicks into a class all its own are the touches of faux-ostrich leather about the shoes upper along with a touch of grey suede about the toe box. Having already contributed to the popular graffiti-based Reebok Classic "City Collection", it is clear that Stash is more than ready to raise the bar even higher and taclke one of the most iconic basketball silhouettes Reebok has to offer. 

Despite not knowing when we can expect to see these joints arrive at retailers, the preview photos we have provided will surely do their job in holding you all over until more news becomes available. If you know anything about the quality products that Stash creates, then you know that these will damn sure be worth the wait. You've been warned. 

[via Stash]