Looks like the eccentric, crazy colored gauntlet for Spring 2014 has officially been laid. While the Nike KD VI silhouette is no stranger to being dressed up in some rather loud and vibrant color schemes, we have yet to see one of this magnitude. In borrowing a term that all of you Napoleon Dynamite fans will definitely appreciate, Nike has created this pair of “Liger” KD VI’s. Aside from sporting a brazenly bold mix of color, this forthcoming release features a rather interesting combination of signature markings from both the lion and tiger. Rather than just throw both graphics together and let them clash, Nike manages to tame both beasts by implementing an equally unique gradient approach. As you will be able to see, the tiger stripes take command of the toe and then subsequently transform into a more lion-like look towards the heel. With no official release date available at the moment, we can only imagine how many of 2014’s Spring releases will fall prey to this two headed monster. Just when it seemed like things were starting to slow down with the release of the “OKC Away” colorway, the KD line hits the refresh button and gets right back to its color heavy ways. Lions, Tigers and Durant, Oh my. 


[Photos via SN]