Hmmm, what could these two be laughing about? Fab himself provides a few scenarios: maybe it's in regards to AI's infamous "practice" speech, or maybe the iconic moment when he crossed up MJ so badly Michael often gets a nervous twitch when reminiscing, or could it be the defaming stare-down directed at Tyronn Lue?

Nonetheless, it appears that both Loso and Iverson were having quite a good time recently, each donning a pair of Reebok's new Q96 kicks, that were of course inspired by Allen's iconic Question Mid. With AI having recently officially retired, it will be interesting to see the coinciding push from Reebok, as it has already begun, but just how far and how long it will go.

The aforementioned Q96 can be found now at authorized Reebok retailers.

[via Fabolous]

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