There are lots of kids frothing at the mouth today because Supreme has a new shoe dropping. According the brand's Instagram, its going to be really good for parkour. But, nobody fucking cares about parkour. And, they don't care about the eyebrow raising claim that skateboarding and running have naturally combined forces. (Yes, we are aware that skaters like to wear Frees while drinking and that the SB Project BA bares uncanny resemblance to a Jordan Trunner). These kids will be mad when they miss out and all their friends are posting pics and shouting about how much better they are than their wasteman mates. Those who've failed shouldn't be mad. They should just do better.

Suspend disbelief for a second. Think about how much you run versus how cool you will look being 100% prepared for a quick 5-aside match during a World Cup year. Think about how awesome it is to SAVE MONEY and still be fresh. Think about the obvious. Black and gum is an essentially unbeatable combo. The Nike SB Lunar GATO trumps the skate division's previous FC and beats a double branded Flyknit Lunar+ though cooler dual sport potential.

Bonus potential: If you want to be a #menswear 2008 throwback, walk with a fixed gear bicycle beside you when you wear these.

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