Kevin Durant has played on the biggest stages of pro basketball, before tens of thousands of screaming fans. Time and again, the four-time All Star and former Rookie of the Year has proven that he can play in any venue, any situation, and still dominate.

Every venue, that is, except Rucker Park.

Rucker Park is not a state-of-the-art sports arena. There are no concession stands, no Jumbotron, no box seats. But Rucker Park is one of basketball's most hallowed grounds, tucked away on 155th Street in Harlem. It is no ordinary city court, though. Rucker Park has long been a place where those who have big dreams spend months or even years honing their skills, and where those who have already made it return to see if they can still hang with those gunning to go pro. Players who have graced its blacktop include Dr. J, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and many more.

During the 2011 lockout, Durant was itching to still play ball, so he figured there was no better time to finally hit up this NYC b-ball Mecca. What happened next was something truly spectacular, as Durant wound up scoring a whopping 66 points--just a handful shy of breaking the park's record. "I've wanted to play at Rucker Park all my life," Durant said after the game. Well, he certainly didn't disappoint the crowd that came to watch when it finally happened.

Durant's performance in the game was so amazing that it inspired Nike to create the KD VI "NYC 66" sneaker. The shoe is now available at Foot Locker stores everywhere, and at

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