It's a tough time of year for runners. Summer is slowing you down and you're looking forward to the crisp fall to inspire you to rev up that daily training. Not to mention that you've probably cut yourself off from making anymore summer purchases this year, making the last month of humidity that much harder. This one is for the ladies, let's skip the black capri stretch pants and free tees you got in college and rev up this August with a few transitional running essentials.

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Twistband Solid Victoria Hair Tie Set

A simple way to spruce up your look is as simple as ditching the rubberband / nineties clip combo you're known for. The newest hair ties are a colorful loop of elastic that keeps hair smooth and dent-free.



Nike Dri-Fit Knit Short Sleeve

Pretty soon you won't have to worry about crazy tan lines and monstrous sweat stains, plus updating your decade-old cotton tee drawer can be gratifying. Nike has made the running shirt sexy somehow, just make sure to (1) order the right size and (2) steer clear of neon shades unless you're into running at night.


volant_crystalrose_01 copy

Raen Optics Volant "Crystal Rose"

We know what you're thinking, these aren't your usual aerodynamic technicolored reflective performance shades. Let's be real though, you aren't running a triathlon or racing in the Tour de France so it's okay to pick out shades you're more likely to wear. Rain or shine, these rosy shades brighten up the route and make post-run errands a less embarrassing ordeal.



Under Armour UA Perfect Stripe Legging

If you aren't the black capri wearing type, there are plenty of more interesting options out there for you to peruse. UA has the legging perfected, these sit perfectly on the hips, are super-soft, and fit on a wide variety of body types. Strutttttt.



Under Armour ColdGear Infared Softershell

For when temperature plummets, a comfortable soft-shell is an essential for a solid warmup. This may be on the heavier side, but as we all know cold weather makes for a better workout so let those digits drop and layer up.



Women's adidas by Stella McCartney Run Jacket

This running jacket is perfect for that rainy / windy mix that threatens the end of the season with zips for optional breathability on your temperature-sensitive wrists and at your sides.



bkr Glass + Silicone

Water is a super-tool when it comes to revving up your workout with unlimited health benefits. Take it with you with the bkr Glass + Silicone bottle, where the name says it all. The short and stout glass bottle is easy to hold thanks to the silicone sleeve in colors with names to rival Essie's well-titled shades. Choose from (left to right) Scout, Chip, Boy and Bambi or check out the site for the hue of your choice.



Brooks Running Women's PureConnect 2

If you're looking for a running shoe with a little less underfoot and a fast feel, ask for the PureProject from Brooks Running. This shoe is so comfortable, it redefines the way you think about your stride while running in a good way.


4801NOD_PhantomPak_TangoRed-Tangerine_Back_NW copy

Nathan Sports Phantom Pack

Go for the Ursula Andress look with a white-on-orange shade or play it cool in an all-black choice, either way this phone / key / money / inhaler / credit card holder keeps your valuables with you without having to stuff your bra or annoying fellow runners with the constant jingling.



Nike Air Pegasus+ 30

Thirty, let that sink in. Any running model that has been around for 30 years and continues to serve as a performance shoe is worth a go. Like any Swoosh shoe, the color ways are the best around and the cushioning is perfect for neutral runners.



Moving Comfort Fiona Bra

If you're above an A cup and still wearing a sports bra that resembles a sporty bikini top, it's time to make a change. Moving Comfort makes bra so comfortable you'll forget you are wearing one at all, not an easy feat when designing a garment that compresses and conceals.



TomTom Multisport Watch

Many runners today have completely abandoned the sportswatch for an iPhone full of apps. While that's logical, the TomTom Multisport is a good reason to take a break from your distracting celly. It works similar to a first generation iPod (remember that select-and-slide system of clicking?) so it's easy to use. It even has a pie chart for added incentive.


rihanna-complex-magazine-1 copy

A Banging Playlist

First pinpoint what mood you're going for here. Do you run to de-stress? What do you think about while you run? Are you an aggressive, happy, competitive, relaxed, or angry runner? You can be all of the above, just know that music improves your performance so take the time to organize a playlist that's right for you.

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