Images by Erin Kelly 

When it comes to sneaker design, there are many important elements involved, but perhaps none are more important than color. Not only can a proper colorway make (or break) a shoe, but when one is done exactly right, it can complete the story that the design itself starts. Further to that point, a specific sneaker in a specific colorway can come to represent more than just what's printed on the the box. Whether it's through what an athlete accomplished in the sneaker or just the time period of its release, a sneaker like the "Pearlized Red" Reebok Question or burgundy Half Cab can bring back very specific memories and feelings. So it only follows that, if one were to do another brand's shoe in those same colors, those memories and feelings might be transferred. Have no idea what we're talking about? Check out 25 Iconic Sneakers Done in Rival Brand Colorways and see.


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