If you want to find out the State of Sneakers, the only way to do it is ask people. Lots of people. And not just the store owners and designers and bloggers, either — they're all important in their own way, but it's the consumers who drive this industry, this "culture." We all make fun of the lineups, filled as they are with re-sellers and wannabe sneakerheads, but without them, there is no us. Without them, all of this breaks down. So how do we find out what their true feelings are? Simple — we ask them. We reached out to a number of sneakerheads (sorry to those that prefer to not have titles) across the country in order to find out what they like, what they don't like, and how they really feel about the current state of sneakers.

We got 40 responses. We're looking for more.

You see the questions, now tell us your thoughts on the current state of sneakers. Is it really as bad as people think? Are you thinking of giving up sneakers? Or is it the best time to be a sneakerhead?