In the 25 games he played before March 6, 2013, Washington Wizards superstar John Wall averaged just under 14 points per game. In the games he played after that date, Wall increased his scoring average by almost 10 points (to 23.3). So why is this relevant? Because on that sixth day of March was when Wall debuted the adidas CrazyQuick sneakers. Now, are the shoes the main reason behind JW’s improvement? If you’re a numbers guy, the proof is in the pudding.

Since making the switch to the CrazyQuick (which is now available at adidas), Wall has improved, not only in points, but nearly in all facets of the game. He averaged a better shooting percentage, more rebounds and assists, and well as fewer turnovers per game.

Here’s what Wall had to say about the CrazyQuick when Sneaker Report caught up with him back in March.


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