With another night of NBA playoffs in the books it is time to bring you a look at some of the best sneakers to hit the hardwood last night. It is has been the norm for a while now to see a handful of Nike LeBron, Kobe, and KD signature models on the feet of various NBA players and of course we have included them yet again. New to the mix though, are the Reebok Pumpspective Omni PEs that the Boston Celtics' Jason Terry laced up last night. Set to make their retail debut in June, this new Reebok Basketball model features their new 3D Fuse Frame technology, their beloved Pump techonology, and a new midsole set-up noted by the CI and CII on the midsole. To see the Reebok Pumpspective Omni in detial as well as various other sneakers check out The 10 Best Sneakers Worn in the NBA Last Night.

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