If you weren't watching the NBA during the 1990s, it's likely that you know Reggie Miller as a commentator and analyst on TNT. But during his eighteen-year stint in the league, Miller was one of the most feared and clutch shooters from any area of the floor. His game-clinching shooting and infamous rivalry with Spike Lee and the New York Knicks were documented in ESPN's Winning Time film, and anyone who was lucky enough to watch him play will remember his seemingly effortless shooting precision.

Beginning on March 5, 1991, and culminating on March 18, Reggie Miller sunk 52 consecutive free throws. Although the record would be broken just two years later by Minnesota's Michael Williams, it stands as a testament to just how accurate Miller's shooting was. To make things even sweeter, Miller recorded his first career triple-double during the March 5, 1991 game against the Hornets. With 10 rebounds, 10 assists, and 22 points, the fourth-year guard was beginning to make his mark on the league. Reggie Miller would go on to play with the Indiana Pacers for the duration of his eighteen-year career, and despite never taking home an NBA Championship, the Hall of Famer is undoubtedly one of the greatest shooters of all time.

A great player needs great shoes, right? Despite never having an official signature model, Miller was a proud Swoosh representative throughout his career. During this period, he was wearing the truly ahead-of-its-time Nike Air Flight Huarache, a revolutionary Tinker Hatfield creation which was made famous by Michigan's Fab Five. The Air Flight Huarache was re-tooled in 2012 with a Free outsole, but die-hard fans are still awaiting the return of the original silhouette.

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