If you’re the fan of Mizuno’s popular Wave Precision running sneaker series, we’ve got some bad news for you: the shoe is being discontinued this year. But before you stop reading this and go on a rampage, just know that it’s not all bad. It looks like Mizuno is replacing the Wave Precision with a brand spankin’ new model, the Wave Sayonara.

Set to drop in Fall 2013, the Wave Sayonara is a serious contender amongst runners, and should do a lot to ease your pain of having to say goodbye to the Wave Precision. With a design to match, the Sayonara’s main feature is a new midsole technology, dubbed U4ic, which is 30% lighter than the current midsole compound used in Mizuno running sneakers. The Sayonara has been given a 10mm drop, a slight decrease from traditional Mizunos. If you didn’t figure it out by the name, the shoe will be well-cushioned thanks to Mizuno’s trademark Wave cushioning system.

The Wave Sayonara will make its debut in July ’13, with a price tag of $120. 


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