Revive Customs—paying homage to famed Amsterdam store Patta closing—decided to remix the Nike Air Max 1 with this "What the AM One" custom. The pair follows the "What The" theme by grabbing pieces from limited AM1's and slapping them onto each shoe in no particular fashion. The WTAM1 snags designs cues from many iconic versions of the Air Max such as: Amsterdam, Amsterdam hyperstrike, Kid Robot (hot pink), OG red Air Max 1, Safari, Huf hyperstrike, 112 pack, USA AM1, Clot "Kiss of Death," Atmos, Evolution, Patta, Atmos and Urawa—good luck figuring them all out. The custom is a 1 of 1 at this point, so if you're a size 10.5 you can contact Revive Customs and maybe snag the pair.