For someone who knows shoes pretty well (just read on if you need proof), Fabolous isn't quite sure whether he considers himself a sneakerhead. "I don't know if certain people consider me that or not, but I'm really like, a wearer — sometimes sneakerheads are more like about the history, and the names, and they put 'em up and don't wear 'em. I have a couple saved that I have put up to the side, but I like the feel of putting on a new pair and the memory that a shoe gives me when they originally came out. So I don't even know if I'm in it — sometimes the sneakerheads, they're really animate about the sneaker history and the culture. I try to keep up, but I have so many shoes, I'm doing so much stuff, I don't know the detail of every shoe — I don't know where the shoelace is imported from. They have their extremes, know what I'm sayin'?" 

They might, but Fab — who broke onto the scene with 2001's Ghetto Fabolous — has been into sneakers since he was just another kid growing up in Brooklyn. A long-time Jordan fan, we got at him to break down his favorites. 

Hopefully you already checked the teaser for Fab's latest video, "Swag Champ 24/7;" you'll be able to catch the full-length version (directed by Aristotle) exclusively on Complex. For now though, click on through to check for Fabolous' 10 Favorite Air Jordans.