It's awfully hard to keep up with releases these days. The easiest way to deal with the constant flood of Tier Zero and Consortium and otherwise hyper-limited releases is to drop out of the rat race entirely — just buy whatever you like, wear them until they wear out, repeat. Or, one could take the middle path, pick a few select releases to chase, and leave the rest alone. But there is a third path, as evidenced by this enterprising seller. Buy everything, wear them once (long enough to Instagram/NT/Twitter/Tumbl) and flip them on eBay for enough loot to afford the next drop. It's a sneaker pyramid scheme that Bernie Madoff would be proud of, only it's not illegal. And as long as people are willing to drop $180-plus on lightly worn sneakers (like these size 14 NRG Air Flight One "Galaxies"), it could run forever.

Check the listing here.