1) SO, THIS IS THE LEBRON 9, HUH? SAME DESIGNER? Yup. Jason Petrie, who's helmed the LeBron line since the 7, did his thing again with the 9. He's come a long way since he was posting on NikeTalk as "AlphaProject." See, dreams CAN come true! YEAH, YEAH. SO WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE SHOE? Funny you should ask — here's his official statement: “From the very beginning of the design process for the LEBRON 9 we wanted to break the mold with a shoe that maximized the strengths of a triple threat player like LeBron. LeBron brings a rare combination of speed, agility and force to the game and my goal is to outfit him in a shoe that lets him do what he does best while maximizing our superior innovations.”

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