On this past weekend’s Golden Globes Tracy Morgan misprounounced the word “Soul,” (as “Sal”) which may have gone otherwise unnoticed if it wasn’t the name of the movie he was presenting an award to at the time.

Oh well, live TV seems like one of those things you need to do regularly to stay sharp. The day after it happened he explained himself:

As it’s the perfect ice-breaker for a late night appearance, Morgan was asked about it by Jimmy Fallon when he went on The Tonight Show. He proceeded to give an intense explanation that began by appealing to Questlove, who he said knew what the issue was. 

“You went to high school with me, you know what happened,” Morgan said to Fallon’s late night companion. “He knows I dropped out in the 12th grade with four credits to go! I loved dropping out! I wish I could go back in time and drop out again! Nobody saw this! They all said ‘you ain’t gonna be nothin’ without your GED.’ Now, look! My grandmother called me that night and said ‘you need to stop messin’ around out there on those streets and go back and get your GED. Forget about the Wal-Mart money, forget about the illustrious career and go get your GED! 38 years of night school ain’t right! Your uncle went to Elmira State Penitentiary and even he got his diploma! Stop all this nonsense, boy, and go back and get your GED!’”

You can watch the full clip here:

As you may know (especially if you watched that clip like I told you to) Morgan was on to promote Coming 2 America (now out on Prime Video).  

You can watch the rest of his appearance *dramatic pause* here: