Show Me A Hero is easily one of the most underrated miniseries of all time and the most underrated on this list. It’s a bit strange that it never got the press it deserved, since it’s created by David Simon, a television writer who also created a little TV show you might be aware of called The Wire. Based on a true story, Show Me A Hero follows Nicholas Wasicsko as he wins the 1987 mayoral race in Yonkers, New York and becomes the youngest mayor in the country. Two years earlier in 1985, a judge ruled that Yonkers had intentionally fostered segregation by focusing all of its public housing in one area of the city, and ordered 200 units to be built elsewhere in Yonkers, including predominantly white areas. Wasicsko ran on a platform opposing this order, and because a federal appeals court held up this order days before his inauguration, he ended up having to defend the order against a city council that would rather bankrupt the city than provide fair public housing to all of its residents.

Oscar Isaac gives an incredible performance in the lead role, a sign of his huge career to come (Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out nine months later). Winona Ryder is also subtly great, this role signaling her comeback (Stranger Things premiered the following year). This series is similar to The Wire in showing the gritty, complicated humanity behind the people who wield power in government, as well as how ordinary people are affected by systemic racism.