The name’s Bond, and not much more needs to be said than that, does it? Indeed, there are few selling points for a smash-hit, genre-defining video game better than a suave icon of espionage and sex appeal. However, as Perfect Dark would later prove, the team at Rare were also just as adept at making endlessly playable multiplayer modes for you and your friends to enjoy. That you got to play as James Bond, Xenia Onatopp, and even past franchise villains like Oddjob or Baron Samedi was icing on the cake for this perfectly-crafted shooter.

On top of all that, GoldenEye was also the rare FPS that had a campaign mode actually worth playing. Perhaps it helped that it had a movie script to stick to; whatever the case, this game was worth your time no matter what mode you were playing in. Upon its release and in the years since, the game has been praised from every imaginable angle, including a nod from the Smithsonian American Art Museum in its 2011 “Art of Video Games” exhibit.