A new study has revealed that Meghan Markle is the brightest of all the royals.

Conducted by Oxford Royale, the data calls Markle the “most intelligent member of the British royal family,” the New York Post reports. The education company looks at the academic background of the family members, like their performances in high school and how their colleges rate via the QS World University Rankings.

Markle nabbed the No. 1 spot based on her education from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, which sits at No. 30 on the QS World Rankings for 2021. She graduated with a double degree in theater and international relations in 2003.

The top five spots are rounded out by Kate Middleton at No. 2, Prince William at No. 3, and Princess Eugenie and Peter Phillips at No. 3 and No. 4, respectively. Middleton went to Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England, and later attended University of St. Andrews, as did Prince William; however, Middleton had higher marks than her husband.

“Life as a royal isn’t always an easy job and involves a lot of dealing with extensive scrutiny and life in the public spotlight, and Meghan Markle’s academic strengths have equipped her perfectly for this role,” an Oxford Royale spokesperson told the outlet.

“While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have resigned from their roles as working royals, they have captured the interest and attention of the world, and Meghan’s desire to use her platform to raise awareness over serious world issues reflects her intelligence, analytical mind and educational pedigree.”

Prince Harry wasn’t included in the list of top 10 from Oxford Royale because he didn’t attend college.