In a new interview with the New York TimesStep Brothers director Adam McKay joked about where he believes Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s characters would lean politically, saying that they would definitely favor the far-right and be in on some wild conspiracies theories.

McKay said Ferrell and Reilly’s characters would “definitely be into QAnon,” the very wild pro-Trump conspiracy theory that believes that a secret group of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles was running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotted against  Donald Trump during his presidency.

“No question about it,” McKay replied after saying that the character would believe the theory. “They’d be way into it, and they’d be torturing [Richard] Jenkins and [Mary] Steenburgen’s characters with it, and they would eventually be having meetings at the house and somehow QAnon would drift into Jenkins’s work life and the Q Shaman would show up at Jenkins’s workplace.”

McKay also said that the characters would have also been big fans of Trump as well. “They also would have loved Trump,” he said. “I don’t want to speak for Ferrell and Reilly, but I think you could safely assume they would agree with that.”

Speaking more on Step Brothers, McKay revealed that they had planned to make a sequel, something that Ferrell had alluded to in the past. However, it doesn’t look like the project ever came to fruition. 

McKay explained, “We had a whole story where John and I follow our parents to live in a retirement community and try to convince them that we earned the right to retire as well.”

Do you know who else was a QAnon supporter? The horned man who stormed the Capitol building during the riots earlier this year. Dull minds think alike.