Each award season, subjective panels unfailingly attract outrage as they pick the winner for best film of the year. Like all human endeavors, choosing nominees for the category is an imperfect process that nonetheless helps to memorialize certain films as significant for their time period and genre. Those that did not win remain remembered as just great entertainment and memorialized on the movie screens they inhabited. Even when cases can be made against a movie winning top honors, these films act as valuable touchstones for the present to re-experience the lessons, emotions and spectacles of the past.

Since Netflix currently streams only six Oscar-Nominated Best Pictures according, Complex has sprinkled in some Golden Globe winners to round this Netflix list out at an even number. Centered around actors and actresses ranging from the most merciless warriors on the planet to the cutest, most caring creatures ever imagined, these films reflect the versatility and impact that cinema can have at its “best.”

Make sure to tune in to the Academy Awards showing this Sunday, February 26th, to see who takes home this years coveted Best Picture Award. We will be glued to our TVs, guaranteed. If you are looking for more of a wide range of movies, please refer to our Best Movies On Netflix List.

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