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Recent Sneaker Shopping guest Noah Beck’s life changed, a lot. This time last year, the 19-year-old Arizona native was attending the University of Portland, on a track that could have likely made him a professional soccer star, and downloading TikTok on a whim. “I downloaded TikTok—didn’t have an account or anything. I downloaded the app because it’s just funny,” Beck explained to Complex via phone. “It was super fun just to scroll through, just a fun thing to have.” Who would’ve known that this random app on his phone would completely change the course of his future?

Beck’s TikTok account, at the time of this writing, is sitting at 25.1 million followers, with over 1.5 billion likes, and for him, it came relatively easy. “After I worked out and trained, I just made videos. I posted around three or four a day. It’s not hard at all. People are like, ‘three or four, that’s a lot,’ but it’s 15-second videos, so it’s not a hard thing.” It’s just that Noah’s videos blew up, almost immediately. Beck described TikTok as initially being a hobby, but he also went from waking up one day to 20,000 followers to having to break it to his coach that he’d be leaving the program to pursue this social media career and where it can lead. The future looks bright; Beck’s part of the Sway House, a collective of TikTok influencers who live in a Bel Air mansion with the sole purpose of churning out content for their millions of followers, owning a platform one video at a time.

During our conversation, Beck spoke on the familial competition that lead him to even making videos on TikTok, got candid when speaking on leaving soccer behind, and envisioned where he hopes his future will take him. Here’s Noah Beck’s journey from soccer player to TikTok star, in his own words.