Nick Cannon admits he isn’t comfortable with using sex toys during intimacy. 

The 41-year-old comedian explained his aversion during the Man Panel segment of Tuesday’s The Nick Cannon Show. The host told the panelists—Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Dr. Ish Major, Chad Moore, and Rip Michaels—that he finds sex toys to be “competition” that could possibly result in a bruised ego.

“You know what? I’mma be honest with this. If a woman wants to bring a toy to the bed, I see that as competition,” he explained around the 39-minute mark. “Just me, personally. I’m a pleaser and if I’m not the one pleasing, then I don’t need another object in the room because I’m trying to be as sensual and as connected as possible. That, to me, is a distraction.”

Sorrentino applauded Cannon for his honest, yet surprising, answer.

“And I’m open to all types of things, but if it’s something that is gonna bring you pleasure beyond what I can do—again, maybe that’s an insecurity, but I don’t want no competition,” Cannon continued. 

The comments came about a week after Cannon opened up about one of his biggest insecurities in the bedroom. Speaking once again to the Man Panel, the 41-year-old revealed he wasn’t totally confident with his body-type and that he tries to conceal it while having sex.

“I’ve been skinny my whole life, therefore I have never liked to be completely naked. I hide under the covers, as much as I boast about being in shape,” he explained. “… But women don’t think about that, I’m pretty sure, because that’s when we’re our most vulnerable, when we’re making love, when we’re tapping in to our sensuality. That’s when we are our most open.”