In anticipation for Thursday’s official release of the Snyder-cut version of Justice League, a new (and final) trailer has been uploaded to YouTube. You can watch that trailer below and then, assuming you’re sufficiently hyped, watch the full version on or after March 18 (again, Thursday) when it’s made available on HBO Max.

The teaser will be the last before the world finally gets to see the film.

The final product will represent the true vision of the blockbuster that Zack Snyder was leading before a family tragedy forced him to vacate the role (that role was later assumed by Joss Whedon). The original/theater version, which was intended to be DC’s answer to The Avengers, was released in November 2017, and though it wasn’t a consensus opinion the reception from critics wasn’t good. It also pulled in close to $660 million at the box office, but that massive figure still fell short of its break-even point. It subsequently lost Warner Bros. an estimated $60 million.

Enter the Snyder-Cut, officially dubbed Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which comes after fans expressed interest in seeing the version upon learning of the production issues that plagued the making of the 2017 release. The idea to put out Snyder’s edition had the backing of members from the cast and crew of the film.

It was considered unlikely that the edition ever actually be released, but in February 2020, Warner Bros. opted to proceed with the project. In May it was publicly announced that it would come out on HBO’s fledgling streaming service (which launched the same month). While the Snyder-cut was originally planned to be a four-part miniseries, it was later decided to come out as a four-hour film. As the original had a run-time less than half of what Snyder’s version will be, one would expect a substantial difference. It was reported that it cost about $70 million in new money to complete the movie, and additional material (which the new trailer has several examples of) was filmed in October 2020.