I know it’s probably too early to know at this point—and even if you knew, you probably wouldn’t be able to say—but have you found out whether or not you’re going to have an opportunity to come back in the future?               
[Laughs.] I have no idea what the future holds. I don’t even know what I’m doing next week, so I don’t know.

How do you view your House of the Dragon experience in its totality, then? I know it may be hard to wrap your arms around something this big, but I’m curious about your perspective on it.     
It was completely life-changing in every aspect. I feel like I changed as an actor and as a person. I changed physically. I moved across the world, and now I live in London. It’s opened up a potential career for myself. It was completely overwhelming, incredibly challenging, and indefinitely rewarding in every aspect. But it was a battle. 

It kind of mirrors Rhaenyra’s story in that way.                                       
Absolutely. It’s so funny. It’s like, “Oh shit. That’s actually me.”

It is interesting for you when the lines between character and reality blur in that way? Or is it just an extension of what the job is?                                             
I don’t think I’ve done enough to know what it’s like not to have that. I think that you can be the best actor in the world and people are still only gonna see you in a certain way. That’s ultimately who you’re performing to. I have played people with a similar kind of moral understanding because of that. I think you have to use your life within your work—but not in a way of like, “I’m gonna think about this exact experience that happened to me when I’m doing this scene.”

You can contextualize that feeling. I believe that most people have felt the same feelings, but the context [of] all those feelings have been completely different because of the circumstance that [we] were brought up in [and] the way that world has presented itself to us—socioeconomic factors, gender, sex, race—all of those different things. I think you have to identify yourself within those people and the way they feel.

Is there a specific kind of role that you’re looking for in the future?               
I just wanna do something completely different, you know? I want to do a play. I want to do a film. I want to do an independent film. I don’t know. I just want to make good work ultimately, and hopefully, I’ll find that soon. Or it’ll find me.

I saw you mention in another interview that you channeled [Australian rock band] Amyl and the Sniffers for your portrayal. I checked out a few of their songs but was there one specific track that best embodies Rhaenyra that people should listen to?
I was listening to them today! Ooh. “Don’t Fence Me In.” Rhys [Ifans] and Paddy actually told me to listen to them. They were like, “They’re an oldie band, you should listen to them.”

They’re both big into—well, Paddy’s got a band, like a punk band. They’re both very big into that kind of music. But they were like, “You need to check out this band, Amyl and the Sniffers.” I did, and I was like, “Oh my God, they’re fucking sick.”